Shop policy


  • Internet shop is led by ROMAX Marlena Domagalska firm and is situated in Osielsko, NIP: 554-039-97-29, Regon 008235493.
  • The content of the on-line shop does not represent an offer in terms of a civil code, therefore when a client makes an order it does not stand for concluding the agreement instantly.
  • By filling out an order form, a client is offering his willingness to purchase a particular product.
  • Making an order also means acceptance of the terms of use
  • Prices of the products do not include cost of the shipment unless there is a promotion.
  • All products sold in the shop are to professional use.




  • On-line shop is meant to making purchases via the Internet.
  • Technical requirements: in order to make a purchase it is necessary to have a computer with access to the Internet, internet browser, active e-mail address and free space in the mailbox that will allow to correspond with the shop.
  • Making purchases in on-line shop is allowed only for adults. The offer of the shop is valid in Poland and rest of the countries form European Union.
  • The basic condition to realize purchases is correctly filled out an order form and sent to the on-line shop . It is also necessary to provide a shipment address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the orderer.
  • On-line shop accepts every order via e-mail and/or telephone. Romax Marlena Domagalska firm is not responsible for defects in e-mail correspondence that are caused by external factors such as mail servers outages , Internet connection, natural disasters etc.  
  • By sending an order from on-line shop, an orderer states that he got familiar with the content of its policies and pledges to comply with it. In case of not complying with the policies, Romax Marlena Domagalska Firm is allowed to cancel an order.
  • On-line shop is receiving orders 24 hours a day every day of a year. Orders made on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be considered the next working day.
  • firm reserves the right to cancel order forms that were filled out incorrectly or that are incomplete.
  • An orderer can make possible corrections to the orders only till the moment of accepting a realization. An accepted realization cannot be canceled.
  • All prices available on the on-line shop are shown in Polish currency (PLN) and include VAT taxation. ROMAX Firm reserves the right to change prices without forewarning. In such cases ROMAX Firm is obliged to inform an orderer promptly about such turn of events. In case of not accepting a new price, an order for a particular product will not be realized and the contract will defined as not concluded. The changes of prices do not apply for the products in the phase of realization that were already accepted by accepting the realization of an order.
  • On-line shop issues a document of a sale (receipt). When there is a need for a receipt assigned to a firm, an appropriate option must be chosen in an order form and exact details of a receiver and NIP must be also provided in order to issue a receipt correctly. Orders with claims to issue a receipt are synonymous with the authority of ROMAX Firm to issue a receipts for purchased products without a signature of a receiver.


  • On-line shop reserves the right to introduce changes to Privacy Policy.
  • Every client and user of the service is obliged to comply with the up to date Privacy Policy available at
  • Any changes do not impact the most basic rule: ROMAX Firm does not sell and does not make available for third party personal and address information of clients/users of the service.
  • If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website, do not purchase products and do not make use of services offered by on-line shop


  • During the process of making an order you will be asked to provide some of your personal details by filling out a registration form or in other way.
  • We require only details that are necessary to correctly realize the process of making an order and the service before and after the purchase. Not providing all the necessary details will make realization of an ordering process impossible.


  • The orders are realized after the payment is received or after the option cash on delivery is chosen.
  • We also accept bank transfers on our account.

       Bank Transfer

       Details for transfer:

                       Number of our account: Romax Marlena Domagalska WBK 74 1090 1896 0000 0001 3116 3965

  • When you make a bank transfer, you also reduce the costs of a transaction and realization time.
  • Do not forget to put the number of your order in the title of the payment.
  • Before you authorize a transfer, be sure that the number of our account and the amount of money is correct.


ROMAX Firm reserves the right to change and modify discount system without providing any explanation and separate messages to clients about such changes. The up to date discount system is available in the shop’s policies in a section DISCOUNTS. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website, do not purchase products and do not make use of services offered by on-line shop


To every purchased product, regardless of the price, the shipment price must be added. The only exceptions are orders that meet the conditions of free shipments. Deliveries of products are conducted by a courier company DPD. The orders are realized in Poland and other European Union countries. The time of a delivery depends on the type of a shipment and the address of a receiver.


  • All policy related to the order delivery are specified in the policies of a courier company DPD.
  • In case of choosing cash on delivery, ROMAX Firm reserves the right to verify the correctness of an order by contacting an orderer via e-mail or telephone in order to accept or cancel it.
  • ROMAX Firm is obliged to realize orders for cosmetics in the shortest period of time possible from 1 to 7 working days, however in justified cases, a realization can be made in 14 days from the day of approving the order.
  • When a delivery is being received after paying for it, an orderer has a right to check the content of a package in attendance of an employee of a company that delivered the package.


  • 1. All products are original and have actual sell-by date
  • 2. Sold products are in original packages.


On-line shop presents full and up to date lists of products that are offered. It does not mean that all products are in stock. It applies mostly to the products that are unusual or the ones that were just withdrawn from stocks. An order will be realized under condition that a particular product is at least in stock of a producer or may be delivered for the client specifically. In any other case ROMAX Firm has a right to propose a client other product with the same or similar properties and, in case a client agrees, realize the order or withdraw the whole payment made by the client, if there was any.



  • Complaints regarding mechanical defects that occurred during the shipment of a product will be considered only according to written defect/discrepancy protocol of a content of a delivery that will drawn up right at the time when a product is being delivered in presence of a shipping agent employee who will approve it.
  • Purchased and delivered products are covered by a warranty of a producer or distributor and is delivered together with a product.
  • We do not accept complaints that are resulted by a user’s incapability to use products intended to professional use.


Our shop respects Your rights resulting from the legislation from 2nd March, 2000 about protection of some of the consumption rights and about responsibility for harm done by a product that is dangerous. (Dz. U. Nr 22, poz. 271). 

We do not accept complaints that are resulted by a user’s incapability to use products intended to professional use.


  1. All photographs, designs, drawings, icons, descriptions and other information from the website are protected by copyrights.
  2. All sorts of copying, using without permission Lilulash Brand is forbidden.
  3. The photographs the products that we offer, their names, logos are the property of their producers and are used by only for informational purposes.


ROMAX Firm reserves the right to:

  • change prices and amount of the products that are offered by on-line shop during daytime,
  • withdraw particular product from the on-line shop offer,
  • introduce new products offered by on-line shop,
  • conduct changes and cancel promotional stunts on on-line shop websites,
  • realize large orders in separate batches,

Filling out the worksheet(s) with client’s details is synonymous with the agreement to save and transfer details by ROMAX Firm for marketing purposes. The details are confidential and will not be revealed to a third party. A clients has a right to have an insight into his/her own personal details and to correct them or remove them from database. ROMAX Firm of personal details”. Issues non-regulated by the present policy are applied by Civil Code legislations.